Mother-in-law suites or apartments got its name because originally these spaces were intended for a relative or ” mother in law” to live in. Nowadays people also use them for investment purposes and rent them out for extra income. For more information on buying a home with a mother in law call or text the Diemert Properties Group 425-308-6641.. $900, room is only for one person and is 9.45 x 10.25, The room comes with one garage parking spot, access to the gym, common areas, and a section for extra storage in the barn/gym/loft. The house is in the Rosemont area, a 3-minute drive from the train to downtown, 3-minute drive from a supermarket, pharmacy, gas, and 7/11. Granny flat, in-law suite, converted garage, backyard cottage, basement apartment - accessory homes, accessory dwelling units or ADUs go by many names, but are always a self-contained home smaller than the main house and legally part of the same property. ... Accessory homes can take many forms and vary in size, but always contain everything. "/>House for sale placerville with mother in law suite